Monday, December 10, 2007

Why You Should Give a Hoot about Woot.

Yes, I said a hoot about
Woot. What is a Woot? It's one item on one day on the website. How it works? Well there is a new woot (item)at 1am EST. That Woot will remain on the website until it's sold out. The best part of Woot -- I think it's the witty podcasts. Also these Woot Guys come up with the wittiest writeups for nearly any item. Here's an example for today's Woot - A Polaroid Ultra-Compact 7 Megapixel Digital Camera for $79.99:

‘Roid Ragin’

Wassup, Polaroid T737? I suppose you think you’re pretty hot mustard there, with your—your seven megapixels and your 16mb of memory built-in. “Ooh, look at me, I’ve got image stabilization, I’m super cool, no one’s as cool as I am, I’m the coolest thing since… like, whatever.”

Well, you know what? Whatever!

You can also take a look at the past
Woots. Along with the Woot there is the Shirt.Woot too. The shirt Woot usually sells out pretty fast. Why do I like woot? Well I enjoy their sharp sense of humor. For example if you are interested in working for woot here are some of their most important qualifications:
  • No shirt, no shoes, no job
  • Must be more intelligent, adaptable, and motivated than a typical bucket of gravel
  • Must treat people as you would wish to be treated, unless you’re some kind of weirdo who wishes to be treated badly
Well I can't take the credit for finding Woot, I have to thank my husband Bruce for introducing me to Woot. I know make it a daily stop on my internet surfing. It's usually good for a chuckle and who knows there may be a woot that you can't live without.

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Anonymous said...

I got my Zune for $80 from woot. It was supposed to be a brown one, which I really wanted, but they ran out of brown so they sent me a black one instead. The black one is usually more expensive so most people would have rather had brown anyway. To make up for sending me the more popular one, they also sent me a Zune travel kit, which is supposed to retail for $99, but I've seen for $40 to $50. So I not only got the more expensive Zune for the same price as the brown one, but I got a free case, headphones, and AC adaptor. Not too bad.