Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!
This is my first post from my iPod Touch (thanks Bruce who got me it for Christmas) it takes some getting used too. Today was fun, we ate ourselves silly, hung out with the fam played some rock band after dinner, Base of Ace really rocked it with Kellie on vocals, Brent on drums and me on guitar. We couldn't have a base player because we don't have a base. Really the Dutkowski family band really stole the show with Jill on drums, Vincent on guitar and Uncle Tom on vocals. Well I am off to sleep too much fun and food.

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Anonymous said...

Is your touch an 8 or 16 Gig? How do you like "touching" it? It seems like it'd get smudged up. I'm wondering because it's my dream to own a refurbished 16 Gig Ipod Touch someday. I hope when they've been around long enough for there to be refurbs that the price will be much lower. That or when they put out an 80 or 100 gig version and put the old ones on clearance.