Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fall Semester: Over

Today I officially finished my first fall semester since my undergrad at the University of Missouri. Let me say (knowing that it could have been much much harder) it still wasn't easy trying to fit school in with work. Needless to say the "TiVo Changed My Life" blog has been neglected. To all my loyal readers (if any are left) I am sorry. Other things that have been neglected, well TiVo. I really haven't had time to stay current. There are really only two shows that I have been able to see all the episodes of
The Hills and ANTM (which I will cover later.) So needless to say I am very happy to have a little break.

Speaking of break I got a small Pre-Christmas break on Monday - thanks to Mother Natu
re. On Sunday we had about eight inches of snow. Since it was Sunday, I was certain that the roads would be cleared by Monday morning, I wasn't counting on a snow day - especially because in order for me to have a snow day all 9 school districts that send students to my school have to be closed. During the 6 o'clock news - I saw on the TV that Bruce's school was closed. Then shortly after I got the call. The call that we all as teachers hope for the call from my boss (aka as the beginning of the phone tree) saying school is closed on Monday. Then of course I did the "woohoo no school" whoop (yes to my boss) I quickly recovered by saying, "I will see you on Tuesday."

So what to do with a free Monday. What I should have done was work hard on my paper for my Intercultural Communications class, but instead I went to the Somerset Collection to finish my Christmas shopping. I am almost finished.

Speaking of snow that leads me to school. I have been pushing my students for the past week or so with book work. Which if you know my students is like Kryptonite to my students - I swear they think I am trying to poison them. So I made a deal with them - they will have a test on Friday regardless. Since it snowed - I thought let's get outside and take some cool photos: and have some fun while we did it. So today my kids (11th & 12th graders) came in their snow gear and we headed outdoors. We had tons of fun. The other perk is that my boss let me wear jeans to work which is a huge deal. Tomorrow we are back to the books and Friday we will be taking test. I know the other instructors at my school sometimes look at me like I have lost it - but hey we are creative types. The picture to the right is me right after being hit by a bunch of snowballs - it's my patented "get in line" point. It gets the kids shaking in there boots, trust me. I have some super cute photos of my students but we were warned this year about publishing photos of our students from school, from the school lawyer. So just imagine your a bunch of creative kids in snowpants with cameras, sometimes I call them my own paparazzi. Teaching digital imaging is a blast.

Now back to TiVo and ANTM. Last week the winner was announced. Salesha was the winner. Which I have to say she isn't my favorite winner. I really liked Jenah, because we was sassy, sarcastic and not so bubble gum. This season was ok, but I am ready for the next cycle. The best part of the season was Miss Jay. He had this fabulous growing Afro during judging. So Tyra I challenge you to get some sassier girls next season. I need to get rehooked. She has to be worried because Bravo is introducing a new show: Make Me a Super Model where the viewers get to decide.

Speaking of Bravo, tonight I am watching Project Runway, I am going through TiVo so I am going back and forth in the season. I must admit I love this show and I it is easy to get hooked. I don't know the characters like I have in the past, but I am enjoying it. Right now I am watching the show with Sarah Jessica Parker as the guest star.

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