Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Off the TiVo Topic.. a new Cyber Addiction...

So I am now addicted to Craig's List. I love seeing what's up there. I have used it to post my house several times with no success, but I just listed a dresser and got 5 emails in less than 2 hours. So maybe things under 100 are easier to get rid of. I posted my house up there again.

I may sound desperate when it comes to this real estate thing, but well I am. I am sick of owning two homes, yes at one time it was fun to have two homes. Where will I sleep tonight, hmmm maybe the summer home? Oh I am spending the weekend at my other house... I can't go out to dinner, I am at the southern home tonight. All joking aside, it is wearing thin now, especially now that there is much more yard work. Is there hope, who knows we are lowering the price AGAIN! Come on people I am not making any money off this investment. I also see other houses in our neighborhood selling. Do I have that bad of taste? Are finished basements really that cool? Was I mentally retarded when I fell in love with that house and bought it, three years ago, going on four.? Don't answer those questions, they were rhetorical.

I have obviously digressed from my earlier topic, Craig's List. Check it out, it's fun. Look for jobs, furniture, cars... And it's all free... ha ha ebay. Using craig's list is like sticking it to the cyberMAN.

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