Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Season Finale -- Whoa Wait A Minute

So Grey's Anatomy ended Monday night with a big season finale. Denny dies, which was sad, but I knew it was coming. These type of shows can't have things work out all the time. Burke was shot and his career is threaten, while Christina isn't sure what's happening, she actually is feeling human. (Which disappoints because I like crass Christina.) However, I believe that Burke will be ok. Please feel free to hold me to that prediction.

Then there is of course the big taboo Meredith and McDreamy. At the nearly end of the two hour show, McDreamy and Meredith find their selves in some exam room going at it like maniacs, meanwhile Addison and the Vet are chit-chatting. So now I find myself not liking McDreamy and Meredith and feeling for Addison and the Vet. The vet I never had a problem with, but Addison bugged me. Now I like here. Don't do this to me. All these mixed emotions. However, it was a good season finale, not to crazy of a cliffhanger, but believe you me I will be back in the fall.

As for tonight's viewing pleasure, get ready girls (and guys if you will) it's ANTM. I honestly can't predict who the final two will be. Of course I am hoping for Danelle and Joanie, but I have a feeling Jade will knock out one of my girls. They like to keep it interesting. The question, I ask, is if she wins do you think the hair will stay? Does anyone like it, I don't mind the length but the color has GOT TO GO!

Stay tuned for tonight's results.

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