Wednesday, May 24, 2006

TiVo Alert...

I have actually spent a lot of time outside lately and I haven't been hanging out with TiVo much. I did catch the apprentice, and I totally agreed with the Donald this week. Also my TiVo decided to record "Fresh Meat" on MTV for me, it looks like a really good show to get sucked into this summer. YEAH! I mowed the lawn tonight, so I will have to watch the Lost season finale tomorrow.

Not TiVo related, for those of you keeping track of our "rescue for your home" house, we haven't had any offers yet, but I am hopeful. Keep your fingers crossed. Well I guess it could be TiVo related, since I captured the segments on my TiVo.

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taawd said...

Mrs. Holladay, if that is your real name... {shines the light her way!}

I sure hope you do sell your home. Maybe I'll have to move back to Motown and buy it from you. (Of course, he can't be serious but it sounded good!) I do miss you two something fierce! Tell Mr. B that he needs to update his blog, I'm going through withdrawal from not knowing what's going on in his life!