Monday, May 22, 2006

"Rescue Your Home"
It's the title of the segment that our summer home appeared on this past Friday. For those of you who didn't know Bruce and I have been the proud owners of two homes for nine months. But we lucked out and Local 4 News decided to feature our house for a "sell this house" type segment. We taped the segment in April around Easter, and it finally aired. If you are curious to wath it click on the links below.

Segment I

Segment II

We had an open house on Sunday and 20 groups of people came through our realtor says it was the best open house she had in a long time. I hope this does the trick.


Justin said...

Nice to see you made it to local television, but I want to know if you TiVoed it? You darn well better have. I also am curious to know how close that house is to 8 Mile road. I realize that being 11 Mile one would assume it is 3 roads away, but I'm guessing you Michigan folk don't do things the normal way. Yes, that was a poke at Michigan. I'm a Buckeye fan, what can I say?

JH said...

Yes Justin 11 mile is just three miles North of 8 Mile. Wow they do teach math in Ohio, I wasn't sure that was in the curriculum yet. HA-- two can play that game. However, I actually like Ohio, I am a huge fan of the Toledo Zoo. And I plan on visiting Cleveland soon, I hear it rocks.