Monday, June 05, 2006

Summer Loving.... on a screened in-porch

Ok, I am still off the TiVo subjected, but it's because the weather is so nice. I am currently enjoying our screened in porch (thanks to wireless internet and my husband.) Bruce cleaned off the porch wthis weekend. He power washed it and now it's a great place to sit enjoy the weather minus the bugs. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the first true mosquito magnet. If you are near me there is no need to wear any type of repellent because all bugs want to do is eat me. Ha ha bugs, you can't get me now. I am also enjoying a lot of time on the porch with the cats.

I have also been running a lot. Well it's more like a jog, but it's still exercise. I am getting addicted. We have a great park down the street from us, that I run in. Why am I writing all this, I am worried that all this great weather is leaving little time to TiVo. Thank God for that 80 hour hard drive.

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