Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I totally called it!

Sara is out on ANTM. It's not surprising, in fact, I predicted it. But I worry now that Jade will win. I just can't stand that idea or that girl. Talk about annoying. Yes annoying. One more show, and then it's the season finale. I can't decide who I like better Joanie, with the improved smile or Danelle, the southern girl who needs to overcome her drawl. Also what was with Tyra's very very very purple eyeshadow.

Currently Bruce is playing my favorite South Park, the Christian Rock band. I love it, Cartman forms his own Christian Rock Band and goes Mehr. It can make you laugh until you pee, because it is true. I am not a huge South Park fan, but this one takes the cake. I may like Country, but Christian Rock, no one is fooling me. I love my friends who say you can't tell it's great music. No it isn't and of course you can tell.

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JH said...

yes, i am disappointed in Joanie. I do love Danelle. Love her. I am not sure about the hatred for Jade, it seems like they are turning around, like Nigel, but Twiggy is still holding her ground. God Bless Twiggy, I am so glad Janice is gone, Twiggy is much much more pleasant.