Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Self-Loathing or striving to be Madonna?

So I started yoga (with Bruce) approximately 5 weeks ago Monday. And, well I suck at it. Frankly I am the worst student in class. I should have known this because sometime back I attempted pilates, and I was held back. Yes after pilates one at the YMCA they usually promote you, but the instructors thought it would be best for me if I stuck with one for another class. Yes, people I flunked pilates.

How can you be bad at yoga? I am sure this is the question you are all asking yourselves right now, well plan and simple, I am not flexible. When I say not flexible, I am not talking about doing something crazy like the splits - no I can't even touch my own toes. I used to think it was because I have long legs and short arms, however, the truth is I have tight hamstrings or at least that has what I have been told (by the yoga instructor and before that my physical therapist.) My

So why am I torturing myself with yoga, well I have this hair brained idea that despite not being able to touch my toes for 26 years (I can't remember if I could earlier than that) I am convinced that going to yoga will help losen my hamstrings and I don't know bring me to a Zen place where I can receive ultimate joy and happiness. (I would say money, but that doesn't seem very yoga like.) Plus I need a reason to own yoga pants. Also my phyiscal therapist basically that if I don't fix these tight hamstrings I will die - or something equally as dramatic.

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Fred said...

Well, I haven't exercised in over twenty years, and I've made it this far. If I started to exercise at this point, I'd probably have a heart attack.