Sunday, April 05, 2009

Max Turn 4

So we went to Chicago to celebrate Max's 4th birthday at Pump it Up!!! Bruce and I drove to Chicago early Saturday morning (after spending Friday night in Manchester.) We hung out Saturday, went to Target to get some last minute items for the party on Sunday.

Then on Sunday we headed to Pump it Up for the party. It was about 25 kids (ages 3 -5 years old) and a huge room full of inflatables. Yes, being the oversized kid that I am (and coolest aunt ever.) I had to participate in the madness. We had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures:

The kids after 2 hours of running and jumping.

Sophie love climbing the wall. I think she did it like five times. 

Max in the chair of honor.

I think there may be more than 4 candles.

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Fred said...

Wow - I wish they had that kind of stuff when I was four. Talk about fun!