Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sex in the City
The Premiere

Ok - Despite my strong desire to head to bed right now, I am committed to your requests to hear every burning detail. So I will divide my post into three sections 1. The Premiere 2. Jennie as a New Yorker 3. G. Love.
Capped off with a short story regarding the six degrees of Helen (Johnson) Harding.

Episode One - The Hottest Ticket in New York City
From the moment I arrived the city was buzzing with talk about the movie. I literally heard people discussing it on the street. The news media was all over the story. I got to NYC at about 8am which meant I had plenty of time to wander. I wandered past the Radio City Music Hall where they were setting up the red carpet. There were tons of news media setting up too for the event that didn't start until 6pm that evening.

When Mary arrived we headed over to Shoe Heaven at Saks 5th Avenue where she bought a fabulous pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes (yes, even with my fab new heals I was have what we should call shoe envy.) Then after that we headed to the Manolo Bhalnik on W 54th St. It was really cool because during the movie I recognized the shoes.

We stopped at will call on the way back to the hotel to see if we could pick up the tickets however they were not open, that's when one girl stopped us on the street and said, "You have tickets."
Which we both replied, "Yes."
To which she said, "Oh F*$#!"
Now really what do you say to that, so I take it you don't. Mary and I laughed about it for a while.

Then we headed back to the hotel to get ready - but the one hitch was the hot water in the hotel was out until 5pm, so I had to wait to shower. However even at 5:05 pm there was no hot water. Which meant I suffered for beauty in what could have been the coldest shower of my life. I heard Mary giggle when I let out a shriek from the bathroom.

Then we got dressed - Mary looked fabulous in her stunning black dress and her fabulous shoes. I got my mix-matched assemble together - if you are dying to know who I wore - here it is Forever 21, Bitten, Ann Taylor & Carlos shoes. I know what you are thinking - who, what? Well I am pleased to say that the entire outfit was put together for less than $75. I am sure all the NYC fashionestas can say the same about theirs.

Then we headed for the will call line. However as we left our hotel it started to sprinkle and I spent the best $10 ever, on two very cheap umbrellas from a street vendor. This proved to be very helpful when the sky opened up on the thousands of people standing in the will call line.

As we got close, we got more excited. At will call you could see the red carpet - we entered to a door just right of the carpet. We walked in just as Donald Trump and his newest wife were coming in, yes it was through different doors but it was still the same time.

Then we sat in our seats, which were very close. We could have reached out and touched Jennifer Hudson (Academy Award Winner.) We were also very close when the entire cast made their way to the stage for introductions.

The movie (which I won't spoil) was good. The reviewer in the Post the next day said that it wasn't that special - it was more like a very good television show but not a good movie. However I disagree it had everything I needed, which involved tears and laughter. However, I will not spoil it for you. The only thing I was disappointed in was that there was not as much of Carrie as a writer/columnist - it was different from the show in that way.

Then after the movie we headed over to MOMA (the Museum of Modern Art) for the after party. When we arrived we quickly got the Sex in the City signature drink (that is when we nearly ran into the singer Fergie.) And then we got a table (because well you shouldn't spend an entire day walking around New York City in Flip Flops if you want to have a successful night in heels - just a word from experience.) It was a star studded event, along with all the stars from the cast, we saw Regis Philbin and Christian from Project Runway. It was really cool - I talked to a woman named Lisa (a publicist from Sony) for a minute or two, she was very friendly and her "former assistant" told me that I was one lucky girl - because we had the "hottest ticket in the city tonight." They both were amused that I was a teacher - I guess not many teachers frequent this event.

After a long night of people watching and enjoying ourselves (and in my case wearing uncomfortable heels) we headed back to the hotel. It was a blast and I am so thankful that Mary let me come with her! So thank you Mary, a million times, this was truly a once in a lifetime trip. Thanks for sharing with me.

Episode Two - Jennie and the City
So I hadn't been to NYC since I was a preteen. I always went with my dad and mom to visit my grandparents who lived in Queens. We went into Manhattan once during the trip and it was always a big deal, but I hadn't been there since my Grandparents & Aunt Mary Ann moved to Michigan. So when I arrived early in the morning, I really had no clue were I was and were I was going - which made it quite an adventure.

First things first, I set off looking for coffee. Since I left my house at 4:30 am, I needed some badly. As I began my quest, I managed to find my way to Rockefeller Center (home of NBC.) And it was so early they were still taping the Today show. So being the TV teacher, I needed to get some photos of the set up for my students. Well I got into the area which was surprisingly not crowded, but I stood away from the little crowd that was there (they were all holding signs and wearing cow hats and were too awake for me considering that I had not found coffee. So the goal again was not to be on television, remember I woke up at 4am, so I was not what you would call "camera ready." However, low and behold they do a pan of the crowd and guess who's mug ended up at the end. Yes, that's right mine. And I have proof, Mr. Paul Dingeman (avid reader of the TiVo Changed My Life Blog) saw me.

Then I walked a little further found coffee and ended up in Times Square. I immediately saw the HUGE Sex and the City billboard. I walked a little further to Broadway and then headed back. I managed to walk past the Empire State building, I opted out of going up - as someone who isn't a fan of heights the idea of spending $20 to go up in an elevator and look down from a tall building did not seem like a smart idea. I then found my way to the steps of the New York City Library - where I rested and finally looked at my free map from the hotel. Then I wandered over to Bryant Park. I stopped by the HBO Store for a pin for the dorky collection.

Next I was headed to 5th Avenue to enjoy one of the city's finer highlights - shopping. I did mostly window shopping, but fun none-the-less. It was also pretty cool going to the Apple store. I saw the edge of Central Park when I got the call from Mary that she was in the cab nearing the hotel. I had a great time enjoying the city, I can understand the lour that it has on people.

Episode 3 - G. Love Reunites with Biggest Fan
Mary headed back to the glove (ok it's a mitten but you see where I am going) state in the morning, since my plane did not leave until 7pm - I had a whole other day of exploring. I ventured out to Central Park - where I sat on a bench and enjoyed my lunch. However, after a day in flip flops and a night in heels, my Chuck Taylors could do little to ease my tired tootsies. So I decided to spend the rest of my trip enjoying the MOMA. I took full advantage of my student discount - yeah baby, I saved $8. THANK YOU - UM-Flint. However, without grad school and paying the $8 dollars I might just have broke even.... :)

So I am wandering around, enjoying all that the museum has to offer, which means great painting by the likes of Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Salvidor Dali, Andrew Wyeth and more. And then I get to the floor that is what I think of when I think modern art, it's almost where you become part of the art. And as I am walking into another room on the floor, a tall man passes me, with a very attractive model like woman. And I am like, wait a minute - that's G. Love.
So unlike the premiere were I was very hands off the stars, I head right over to him to say hi.

So I walk up and this is the conversation. First I look stupid because, I think he is with Tristan Prettyman - a song writer I thought he was dating - which he wasn't so that was a little foolish of me, calling the girl Tristan when she was Amber. However he took it in stride and introduced me to this very beautiful tall woman named Amber - I am guessing she is a model. Here's the rest of the conversation (not word for word, but the best I can remember.)

Me: "Hi, I am a big fan, I really love your music."
G.Love: "Hey, Thanks."
(Now I swear he is giving me that look, the look like I recognize her.)
Me: "I won your contest last summer."
G. Love: "Jennie! Are you here with your students?"
Me: "No, I cam for the Sex and the City premiere."
G: "Oh I heard that was in town, but we didn't have tickets."
Me: "My friend got me tickets."
This is where my voice starts to shake.
Me: "I am going to see you guys in Germany, I lived there in college and I am bringing my host mother with me. (Then because the voice shake is so noticeable) Sorry, I don't know why I am so nervous."
(Both Amber and G. Love smile - like isn't this dorky girl cute.)
G: "Will you be in Munich?"
Me: "No, Berlin, but I will miss you guys when you come to Detroit because I will still be in Europe. Well anyway I don't want to keep you, but would you mind taking a picture with me."
G: "No Problem."
Amber takes the picture. I thank them both. She was very nice and pretty - the kind of girl you imagine to be friends with rock stars.

Then I immediately called Olive. I was so excited my voice was still shaking. Then I got yelled at for being on my cell phone in the museum - which was when I decided that I had to leave, I didn't want to chance running into them again. Because well if it wasn't already awkward enough with me stumbling all over my words, what would round two be like. So I headed to the gift shop to buy Bruce a souvenir and Iu bought a pin because well know that will have a story for the archives.

And last but not least - six degrees of Helen (Johnson) Harding. I am on the plane ride back to Flint from Detroit (after my first plane a direct flight was canceled.) I am not sure if it was being by myself the whole day, but rarely are there times when I feel like chatting on the plane and this was one of those rare times. Well the woman was nice but didn't seem like she was interested in small talk - after some careful work, I broke here and we were chatting, well it turns out she is from Marysville, home of St. Clair TEC (my job) and Helen (Johnson) Harding - two time State Cross Country Champion. Well this woman worked as a sixth grade teacher and her daughter Anna was Helen's classmate. It seems that everywhere I go, I am just six degrees from Helen (Johnson) Harding.

For more photos from the trip click here... or scroll down.


~Lori said...

very cool that you just bumped into G.Love! I'm very happy for you on that one.
I don't know who this Helen girl is, so that story, while still cool, is less exciting for me.

And as for the movie premiere???

I have to agree with the girl on the had tickets?!
Oh F*&%.


Thanks for the awsesome story and pictures. The fact that I know you, and you were close enough to get that photo of SJP makes me feel like I was there myself.

Beach Bum said...

Unbelievable stories! Great post! Loved hearing about all of it! I AM AMAZED THAT YOU RAN INTO G.LOVE! How totally crazy is that???? Pretty wild! I'm happy for you! It's fun to live through other people! :) Keep blogging!

taawd said...

a couple of thoughts:

1.) i'm still not buying the fact you "bumped" into G. Love in New York (stalker).

2.) Mary WAS dolled up I almost didn't recognize her.

3.) When a rock star asks if you are going to be in a city in Germany (let's say), then you respond yes and hit him up for good free tickets.

JH said...

~lori: yes, I agree I am lucky - I am still not really sure it all happened.

beach bum: thanks for the kind words, however I am waiting to see all your fabulous photos from Traverse City. please share.

todd: you are jealous that you didn't "run" into me at the MoMA. ;)

Fred said...

I can't say the movie is one I'll see, but the experience you had sounds great. There's no place like New York!