Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Best High School Production
(I've Ever Seen)

So I am going to level with you, when my students asked me to go see the play they were in this weekend at their "home school," I said yes. (My rule is if they ask, and I am not busy I will make an effort to go, that goes with plays, band concerts, sporting events and graduations.) But despite saying yes, I wasn't what you would call excited at the prospect of sitting through a high school production of Andrew Lloyd Weber's Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.

Bruce is working tonight. So I got myself ready and drove the hour to the East China PAC (Performing Arts Center) to see Marine City's High School's Production. I arrived at the PAC - just in time. I paid my $8 admission and got my seat "just in time" to listen to the director give his thank yous before the play started.

Then it started with a very long intro song. At that moment, I was like ok this is good, but what did I get myself into - let's get this party started, I have a long drive home. But then it started and turns out these kids can sing. I have never seen this production before - though I am a big fan of most musicals - I wasn't sure what to expect. I was able to pick out my student right away - yeah go Matt. Then I heard my other students - she was rockin' the drums in the pit band. Yeah go Kate. I have included a picture of us above after the show.( which I will post tomorrow 5/4) Please enjoy Matt's stage make-up, don't worry, I gave him a hard time.

Overall I had a very nice time. And I am not going to lie, I do like it when my students ask me to come to things. I think that means they like me a little, even though I am their teacher - and I have my moments as Mean Mrs. Holladay. Just ask them.

The early part of my day was spent at Karyn's school running the First Annual Nellie Reed 5k. (Her school is called Nellie Reed.) I ran this race as a run, not a race. And it turns out that I was the only one in our group that did not get a medal. Karyn - the speed demon - was first in our age group, her boyfriend Rodney was first in his - her mom was first in hers and Bruce was third in his. Had I been 30 today - I too would have been first. Oh well, it was fun. We got to see Karyn's school and her room. It was nice event. So way to go Nellie Reed Elementary school in Vernon, Michigan.

I guess you could say it was a public school day for me. I woke up this morning to support a elementary school and finished my day supporting a high school. Yes, I support public education in Michigan. Tomorrow, I will be enjoying a day of laundry which give me many hours to watch TiVo - I've got a lot to catch up on. Hopefully - I am not too far behind and all my shows are still there for me to enjoy - like the new Grey's Anatomy, the Hills, and ANTM.

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Fred said...

Love the Europe pictures! I hope to go back in a few years to visit a few Eastern European countries. this the blog you regulary update? I'll link to it.