Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New Glasses

Now I hope that these are acceptable glasses. I had to get them in a pinch and it was such short notice that I felt that I could not even call my official eyeglass stylist (Olive) to help me. So Olive, I hope you approve. I took these wonderful photos with my isight on my computer - while I should be working on my homework. The second strange photo is so you can see the color of the glasses. These are a little darker than my last by they are still pinkish red.

Speaking of pink, I had the entire welding class convinced today that our SkillsUSA shirts for the state competition would be a nice color of Salmon with Seafoam Green embroridering. When they looked at me with concern , I said something like this, "You are man enough to wear pink - right?" I guess that it was the talk of the welding lab. They are still horrified.


AlabamaAmy said...

Loving the glasses!
Missing you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Now you look like the guy who won Project Runway.

Megan said...

Stylish J.H. stylish

Beach Bum said...

Love 'em!