Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shop Green with a Red Bag

So Target and Meijer had adopted new reusable shopping bags (made of recycled material) that you can buy at the store for 99 cents. (However they aren't pushing them very hard and the clerks look thoroughly annoyed when you use them.) I know many of you have probably been bringing your own canvas bags to the grocery store for years. But I have joined in and the coolest thing, well the thing I like the most, is the bags from Target can fold up into the size of a small envelope which will fit in most any sized purse. And the other day when I was at the mall at Jcrew (buying my new flip flops on sale for summer of 2008) the guy went to put them in a bag and I was like, oh I don't need a bag and then I whipped out my handy bag from Target from my purse and off I went - saving the planet with my new flip flops.

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Anonymous said...

I usually have my backpack over my shoulder, so I just stick my stuff in there. I have seen the target bags on sale at target, aren't they like 99 cents? I personally can't wait for next week at Target. By mid to late next week the Easter stuff should be to 75% off. Hooooo-wah!