Friday, March 07, 2008

Christian Wins!!!

I was at the MACUL conference the last two days so I was not able to watch the finale of Project Runway on Wednesday. However, when I got home today, I quickly plopped down in front of TiVo and pulled up Project Runway. The very fierce Christian Siriano won. He is a 21 year-old designer and I loved, loved, loved him this season. Why? Well he was very cocky and arrogant but in the most lovable way. How can someone be cocky in a lovable way - well he is very talented so he was cocky but his stuff totally stood out. And lovable in the way that anyone could be that describe every major aspect of life as fierce.

As for the finale - they did play out this model snafu in the previews a lot, but it really didn't seem like a huge ordeal in the show. I must admit despite the fashion show and the last five minutes of the show - it wasn't really that exciting of a finale. But I'm not the producer. The other contestants had very nice collections - I didn't hate any of them, but Christian just stands out as a designer.

I actually really enjoyed this season of PR. To me it was the friendliest season by far, despite Christian's sassy quips - there really was no blood shed. And I think the group was a very talented bunch. And the challenges were fun and amusing - especially the prom challenge. Where it looked like Christian might have faced an early demise because he had the diva high school designer - that wanted the ugliest dress known to man. I questioned the judges thinking a little on the order the designers were eliminated. Like why was Kevin eliminated for having one bad design (and yes it was bad) but Ricky's was just as bad and he had had weeks of bad designs prior to this challenge. But I am no Michael Kors or Nina Garcia - so I can complain but I have no say.

On another note - I was gone for two days from my classroom and my afternoon students reminded me why I love teaching. Here are two emails I received:

Email #1
Oh I miss you! it's gonna be a long weekend, by Monday it will be like 4 days since we've seen you! Hope you are having fun!

Email #2
where have you been??????? I miss you tons. you only said that you were going to be gone for one day how could you just forget to let us know that you had to go out of town lol???????

Now I did tell them I was going to be gone for two days - but remember these are high schoolers and on a good day they catch about 85% of what I have to say. You might say they are trying to suck up - well it worked - I guess. Because it made me smile. It makes me look forward to Monday.

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