Thursday, May 10, 2007

With Just Three Left - Who Will be ANTM?

So this week the tables turned all those girls that hated NaNa aka Renee are now hating Natasha, the Russian beauty. I must agree with them the clips they showed, showed a girl slightly off her rocker, but that frankly as we all know is the beauty of video editing. This week Dion's constant angry face finally lost her spot in the final three. I liked her but the judges didn't.

So now is the time where I should know who will be ANTM. Will it be Jaslene the Latin Diva from Chicago? Will is be NaNa the mother, classic white girl beauty from Hawaii? Or will it be Natasha the Russian? Last Top Model was Caridee and if I have noticed anything they usually don't pick two white girls in a row, I think they like to diversify it. However the Russian throws a wrench in my plans because if I go by that theory it would be Jazlene, but do they view Russian the same way the view corn feed wholesome white girls. Hmmm... what kind of look are they going for, if I were betting it would be between Jaslene and Natasha. I love the judges impression of Natasha in judging, especially Tyra. It makes me giggle just thinking about it.

Well ANTM watchers what do you think? I think it's going to be Natasha, something different, why because the next challenge is the top model commercial and Jazlene in the past has fallen short on video, but I wouldn't be unhappy if she proves me wrong and wins, I like the the Latin Diva! So I guess you could say I am routing for Jazlene but I think Natasha, will be America's Next Top Model.

Also breaking news for your TiVo, it's the return of Rob & Big on MTV. Yes the dynamic duo will be coming back May 22nd. I must admit I am looking forward to their return, because we all know that I have a small TV crush on Rob Dyrdek.

Also for those of you who haven't been TiVo'ing Inferno III on MTV it's been good. Tonya, the crazy, is back in full force. She's taking out her rage on Susie the American Sweethart from Road Rules Australia (I know it's a sad fact that I know the episodes they are on, but hey what can I say, Real World and Road Rules were a staple of my college life.)

As for the rest of my shows, I haven't had much TiVo time this week, so tonight as I am at home with the animals (yes we are plus one dog, we are dog sitting for Bruce's folks' latest addition to the family. I will be sure to catch up but first a little more blogging while the internet is cooperating and then we are off for a run in the park.


Anonymous said...

my money's on jaslene

Megan said...

I say Jaslene too.