Saturday, May 19, 2007

Go Tigers

Last night Olive, Angie and I went for a girl's night at the ball park, ironically we were seated behind two full rows of a bachelor's party. The game was a re-match of last year's world series - the Tigers vs. the Cardinals. The Tigers dominated the first four innings. Then the red birds started to catch up. However the Tigers were able to win in the end 8 - 7. I must admit I love going to the ballpark. I like baseball but what I love is all the crazy people you see. Like the cotton candy yelling big guy who sat next to Olive. He was so entertaining however Olive I think would have preferred a buffer so that she was not seated right next to him. After the game we hung around for the fireworks. It was a surprisingly long show. It's always fun hanging out with the girls however I must admit it's the biggest downfall of where I live now, it is so far away.

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Bruce Holladay said...

You ladies are H-O-T HOT!