Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spring Clean-up

It's the time of year that we try to make our yard presentable. Let's say we didn't buy our house based on landscaping, unless you count our new pets, the hundreds of moles that spend their free time tunneling through our yard. We also have lots of trees, hence the pile of sticks.

This weekend we consulted the professionals, no we did not have our yard landscaped, I wish. We had the tree guys come out and do some trimming, ok I guess that is an understatement, they cut down trees. Don't worry all you tree huggers ( I am one too) I will be planting some new ones. But we had these scrubby trees on the edge of our property. It's the same edge that many people who come to the great store right next to us like to park and like to litter, no I am not bitter, I am angry. It drives me crazy, when I see who drop stuff, I yell at them. I am the crazy lady. So we thought if we thinned out the crappy trees that created a cover for people to litter it might limit the opportunity. We shall see if it helps, if not I have another plan.

Yes, you have probably guessed it, I will be dressing up as a bush all summer and laying and wait to jump out at anyone who drops anything. I will scare the littering out of them.

In other yard news, I have been enjoying my flowers, especially my hanging plants that I bought from the Future Farmers of America at a discount price. They are beautiful, and they help distract from the lack of beauty on the ground.

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taawd said...

It appears from that picture that you have some very nice landscaping at your home. The dandelions seem to come up beautifully this time of year on your property.