Thursday, May 24, 2007

Matt Damon - Promoted to Top 3

Ok ladies, I know you have a list. We all do. It's that list of the top three movie stars/musicians (in my case) that hold a special spot in your heart (and/or mind.)

For the last five years my list has held steady.
3. Jude Law
2. Michael Vartan (Michael Vaughn from Alias)

1. Garrett Dutton (G. Love)

However, in my class (on my seniors last day of school) we watched the Bourne Idenity. Then I watched the Bourne Supremacy, starring Matt Damon. Wow! Not only are they both excellent movies (I heard that the books are good to, but the movies are great,) but Matt Damon stars in both. Hence Matt Damon moving up on the list.

So now the list stands.

3. Matt Damon
2. Michael Vartan

1. G. Love

I am looking forward in seeing the next movie in the series, the Bourne Ultimatum which is due out August 3. I am also planning on seeing Oceans 13 which comes out June 13.

For all you "list" naysayers, I know what you are thinking, "I am sure none of these people could care less about being on my list or frankly might even be creeped out by it." However, I am sure they don't care, that's what makes it fun. And who wouldn't be flattered to be on my list? Ha, ha. So since this is blog, please contribute who's on your list.


Anonymous said...

i can always be counted on to play along with this game...
my list includes 5 lucky gentlemen, in the following order:
5. Johnny Depp (always, not just this weekend)
4. Eric Benet, Halle Berry's very beautiful ex
3. David Letterman
2. Michael Hutchence
1. George Michael
G. Love comes in top 10 right after a concert, top 20 any other time.

Megan said...

All that matters is that my number one is Derek Jeter.

Anyways, have you watched "On The Lot" yet?

taawd said...

how is the Internet connection and when is alternative connectivity coming to the boondocks? My number one is Reese Witherspoon.

AlabamaAmy said...

Oh, we all the list- it can be a great icebreaker!

In no particluar order:
Matt Czuchry-Gilmore Girls such a cute flirt
Owen Wilson- cute and fun
Adam Sandler- think 50 First Dates- also, he would play cute little guitar songs for me!

taawd said...

New net connection!! Congrats, now I need more to read!

Anonymous said...

I'm in for this game too. List evolves as I age. . .

In no particular order:

Joaquin Phoenix
Jeff Tweedy of Wilco
David Gray - head bobble and all
John Edwards for prez - not psychic
Paul F. Tompkins

Yours Truly,
Sweat Pants