Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dear Wireless High-Speed Internet Provider,

I am writing this open letter on the TiVo Changed My Life Blog to complain about you. Why? Well frankly you are letting me down. Every night I come home to post on my blog and you are not working. This is a recent development for you. For the first year of our service together you were fairly reliable and quick, however in the last month, I am lucky to be able to check my email when I get home. You make enjoying great things like YouTube and blogging with photos nearly impossible.

Just yesterday, I tried to post to my blog, but you only worked long enough for me to post the before picture of my trees-- so now the TiVo Change My Life loyal readers missed out on the much cleaner after photo. I am sure they were disappointed, however most would never let me know because they rarely post comments, but I can sense their disappointment.

I have called you about five times, however you never return my calls. Please don't ruin a good thing. There is still time to salavage this relationship, at least until December when the other high speed provider will start providing service to my neighborhood. So I guess this is a warning, that you won't ever see since you don't return my calls, but if you don't get things under control (get a reliable stream of internet to my house) by the end of the year, we will break up for good and I will be jumping ship to BIG TUBE! You hear me, I know... you aren't listening. Until then, consider me a thorn in your side, I will spend my nights filling up your voicemail until you CALL ME BACK.

Your Disappointed Customer

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Anonymous said...

Go Jennie! Stick it to the man!