Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Two Times of the Year When I HATE Trees - Spring & Fall!

Now I am sure you are thinking that is an awful thing to say, how can she hate trees? Well it's not really the trees I hate its what they do to my lawn that I can't handle. In the fall of course it's the mountains leaves and in the spring it's sticks. Hence the picture. I spent all evening picking up sticks and there are still more. I am surprised there are any branches left on these trees. According to all these sticks you would think all that would be left would be the trunk. Of course trees are great in summer with the shade: whatever, whatever, but I am not going to lie, on my forty-fifth trip back to the pile with hundreds of sticks, I was wishing that we didn't have any trees in our yard.


wet cat carl said...

can i borrow the nikon again for the weekend.and if so can you get the charger from gotta see a couple of the pictures i took from that show yesterday

taawd said...

looks like the makings of a good bonfire. I hate Mondays!