Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An Awarding Day
& The First Ever TiVo Changed My Life
Lifetime Achievement Award

Today was awards' day at St. Clair TEC. It's the day we invite parent's to come to honor our students. I was nominated the M.C. of the awards' day ceremony for the second year in a row, I am what you call a sucker! I don't mind, but growing up as Jennie Sahakian (sa-HACK-E-in), I know what it is like to have your name pronounced wrong all the time. So I do my best to try to learn the students correct pronunciation before I stand up there like a fool mispronouncing all their names. Needless to say I am not perfect and I still mispronounce a few, and in my defense when I went to their teachers to ask how their names where pronounced they didn't even know.

After the ceremony I always do classroom awards. My awards tend to be more humor filled, I like to remind the kids that even though I make them work, we also have a little fun. In my morning class Carl won Coffee Connoisseur, Andrew was awarded with DMT Social Director, Kristen won Most Likely to Name an Electronic Device (i.e. her Nikon Camera Benny) and Megan won the first ever TiVo Changed My Life Lifetime Achievement Award. I am sure all the loyal TiVo blog readers are wondering how does one get this awards, well it comes from being a loyal blog reader from the beginning, but not just that since meeting me Megan has convinced her parents into getting a TiVo, she has suggested some great television shows, she has now devoted herself to watching America's Next Top Model and she has started her own blog which is ironically called TiVo Did Not Change My Life, which we all know is LIE, hence the award. You may also wonder how someone so young can win a lifetime achievement award but I don't rate the length of the life, it's all about quality.

In the afternoon there were more great awards given: Matt got Least Likely to Use a Tripod, Kassie got the Hobby Lobby Expert and then there was Sarabeth who won the Bathroom Pass Super User award. Overall I really enjoy this day because I really like my students and I miss them over the summer. PLEASE DON'T TELL THEM. Also I hope you enjoy the pictures. I do, however I am not sure if I should concerned with the back row, there is nothing a little photoshop can't fix.


taawd said...

Who looks oh so professional in this picture? Hot for teacher, yeah baby!

Anonymous said...

Where's the ANTM update? I'm so disappointed! Haven't you seen the last episode yet?
Anyways, we have a buyer for our house!!! I'm so relieved to have the house sold and that the closing's not til the beginning of Aug, so i'll only be living with my mother-in-law for two months.

Anonymous said...

That picture is awesome. I want kids like that - the ones that look like they're straight out of the Breakfast Club. . .

Yours Truly,
Sweat Pants