Monday, July 24, 2006

Yum Chicken...It has been a very very busy summer. Last week, Bruce and I ventured out to the famous Manchester Chicken Broil. What? You have never heard of this event, say it isn't true. The Chicken Broil happens on the third Thursday in July every year in Manchester (the small town I grew up in.) On this third Thursday, the set up the bbq pits and grill 14,000 chicken halves and serve it with a ton of the secret coleslaw. Yes, I said secret, it it told that only three people have the entire recipe and they aren't allowed to travel together. It's a blast and good food. So if you are in the area it's worth the trip, it is usually during the Ann Arbor Art Fair, but it's a great time and polar opposite to the Art Fair.

Before that we went up to Mackinac Island for the Port Huron to Mackinac sailboat race. It was fun. This is our third year working the race and I am starting to feel like an old pro. I recognize the sailors, that can be good and bad.

While I was up there I found another TiVo lover, well I had already known her to be wonderful, Andrea Gearhart, (pictured to the left biking around Mackinac Island.) But on the trip I found that TiVo changed her life too. She also dates her TiVo, with her husbands knowledge. We talked about life before TiVo and frankly we can't imagine going back to that place. We also shared our dislike of the DVR, yes the TiVo imposter. These DVR's promise the ease of recording your programs, but lets face it folks they are no TiVo. They lack the ease and friendliness that has made us grow to love our "TiVo." She suggested so great shows for me to watch: The Hills and Big Brother (also suggested by Todd.) So when I got home I quickly added them to my list. We are both addicted to Project Runway, and looking forward to the next season of America's Next Top Model and of course Lauguna Beach II.

Also are there any other fans of Flip This House on A & E who are very disappointed that there is no Richard Davis & Trademark properities on this season, instead it's two brothers in San Antonio. Let me tell you I was not impressed and did a little research only to learn that Richard and A&E are on the outs. Instead he's making deals with TLC, but I could find no information when we will see Richard, Dawn and Ginger on TLC.

On another note, this one literary, while I was up in Mackinac I read "My Sister's Keeper" by Jody Picoult. Wow was that an intense book, I read it in literally 24 hours. I also literally cried in about nearly every chapter. So I am thinking it will be a lifetime movie, I see someone like a young Sally Field playing the mother and a princess diaries Anne Hathawayish girl playing Anna. If you haven't read this book, I would say read it but be ready for an emotional outburst.

This summer has been crazy busy, I am enjoying having time off. I also know that my TiVo is patiently waiting for me to return. TiVo lets me enjoy my summer, but it knows I am coming back and so do I.

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