Monday, July 10, 2006

Sold! We close on wednesday.

Many of you have been following our struggle of selling our house in Berkley for nearly a year now. But the good news is it is sold. We close on Wednesday morning. We have gone through the ups and downs of real estate, we are just thankful to have it sold. Especially considering there are nearly 300 homes for sale in just Berkley. What does this mean for TiVo, well it means I can stop TiVoing "Sell This House," which is good because there haven't been any new episodes on for quite some time. I think I have seen nearly ever episode.

In other TiVo news: Project Runway returns to Bravo this week. I am thrilled. This means I have something meaningful to TiVo again. I have started to TiVo random shows on the WB, so I will be glad to get some quality time in with TiVo.

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taawd said...

Well, thank God! There are miracles! That means you guys can finally come down this way and visit, having not to deal with the house anymore! Congratulations.