Saturday, July 29, 2006

Kathy Griffin - D Lister & Fab

This is one of Bruce and my new favorite shows. It is smart and funny. I love Kathy's raunchy sense of humor. I can't help it but I find myself being told (mainly by Bruce) that I am inappropriate around children and religious people, and that is totally Kathy, so I again enjoy her. Only she gets paid for it, I on the other hand get the "knock-it-off" look. The fact that she is a celeb that tells it likes it is makes me love love love her and I am not a gay man, her self-proclaimed demographic.

I just happened into this show as I was waiting for Project Runway on Bravo. But now it has a new permanent spot on my TiVo. Go "D List."

Speaking of Project Runway, the suspense is killing me. If you haven't seen the promo's someone is getting kicked off and I want to know who, where, what and why. I am hoping that the show is fabulous and juicy, I am some what worried that it will be a disappointment. The promo's are killer and often when that happens the shows are not. I watch Project Runway for a couple reasons, I love the assignments, I love the drama and I can't sew and have no fashion vision of my own, so I like to judge others abilities. Isn't that the American way.

I am writing this at my garage sale, this is Saturday number two because the first weekend, I felt like I didn't sell enough. The main objection to this sale is to get the stuff out of my garage. I am not looking to make a ton of money, but heck I will take a little. The sale should have ended 30 minutes ago, but I am extending it in hopes of selling one large dresser. It is now running until 4pm. Come on people, lets start buying. heck I might even give stuff away for free: just take it away. Garage sales are interesting, it's funny what people are looking for, I thought that the cheap although nice furniture would be the first to go, but the people want their chatchkies. My chatchkies are few and far between.

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