Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Perfect Ending
to Venetian Adventure

We ended our stay in Venice tonight with a Gondola ride. Yes, we had all thought they were a big tourist trap and cheesy, but it was amazing. It was a full moon and just beautiful. Bruce, my mom, Meghan and I had a very romantic ride. Our driver Giovanni had been a gondolier for 35 years. He was quite an interesting man. He approached me as I was wearing my new light up sunglasses that we bargained down from 8 Euros to Five - they are
heart shaped and they blink. My mom has a pictu
re of him wearing them. He took turns on this boat that I would not make in my car without scratching the entire side. He also told us some stories about his life, like the fact that his wife died 3 days ago - I'm not sure that we heard him right, but what do you say to that. Besides the face that he was a total character - the night is cool, the water is still (especially good for those who get motion sickness) and the gondola takes you places that you don't see by foot or water bus. At the end he demanded a picture with Meghan because she was so tall and beautiful and then he stood uncomfortably close to here. Despite the 100 Euro price tag - I don't think any of us are regretting it.

Today, my mom, Meghan and I headed out to Murano to see the glass museum. It was not what I had expected. I guess coming off the Einstein museum that was so stimulating this seemed to just be glass in classes. Interesting but not stimulating. Meghan however did save me. I was bending over to look at some glass in a case and this little girl started to tilt her head to look at what I was looking at - before I knew it Meghan was yanking me away so fast I thought she lost her mind - then the elementary school teacher that she is says - that girl has head lice - we made a B-line towards the door to another gallery. We walked the streets and shopped the stores - I was on a little of a glass bead overload. However, Murano was nice - because it is a smaller island outside of Venice and there weren't as many people there in Venice during the day there are times that you are just wall to wall people.

The day before we visited San Marco's Basillica and the Dulce palace. The ar
chitecture was beautiful and there was some amazing tile mosaics. We walked over the Bridge of Sighs and walked all throughout Venice. We saw the Rialto bridge and the other hot spots. And came back to the hotel around 4 pm because we were hot, sticky and in much need of a short siesta.

We emerged for our
hotel for dinner, and the city had cleared out and cooled off. The water taxi was fairly empty (we got seats) and we trie
d to find a restaurant from the guidebook - but then decided to skip it and we went a little off the beaten path. We had a very expensive - very delicious dinner. However, I was so full afterwords - I am still not sure how I managed to eat any ice cream afterwards - but I did.

It's been an interesting experience here in Venice. It's beautiful.
And unlike many people had told me - it does not stink in the summer. We stayed close to the train station - in an inexpensive hotel, but it served it's purpose - it had air conditioning and was clean. I am glad that I had the chance to see Venice before it sinks - I hope for the people who live here and love this city that it doesn't because it is an amazing place, like no other that I have ever been too.

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Beach Bum said...

Jennie, I enjoyed your blog about Venice. It is a beautiful city. Robert was frustrated with millions of shops! Loved your pictures! How fun!