Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Alpine Horns, Cheese & 100's of Japanese Tourists

So we headed back to Hotel Edelweiss this year to dine at the Restaurant Edelweiss. It is a basically a tourist trap - it is a pretend German-Swiss Alpine Fondue restaurant with real life Umpapa band. This band plays not only the the accordion, the soprano saxophone, the cowbell, the saw, the bowl (yes the bowl,) the flugelhorn and of course the Alpine horn.

We arrived about 45 minutes early, if the website says open 7/7 days a week it means open 7 days a week at 7. We arrived very hungry at 6:15 pm. We quickly made 7 pm reservations for 8 and then proceeded to try to waste 45 minutes - in the adjacent neighborhood - 15-20 of those minutes where spent eating our appetizers of ice cream/gelato. Then we were ready approximately 10 minutes before they opened.

As we patiently waited the first bus load of Japanese tourists arrived. Then we watched them walk right past us into the restaurant. Luckily we had a reservation (which clearly their tour group did too.) As we walked down into the restaurant we saw three very long tables. The first was filling with the first bus, then the second bus arrived as we were sitting down. As we ordered our drinks the third busload arrived.

Clearly they had pre-ordered too because as they sat down the wait staff (who looked as if they might hate their lives - I swear as the third bus arrived I heard one lady walk by and say oh shit) started bringing them their food. We on the other hand were deciding which delicious buckets of cheese we would order - now most of you would think - Jennie - those buckets of cheese are called Fondue - but we on the other hand know that it's FUN-do.

We went to FUN-do with our new UM-Flint global Cohort. Kira (3/4 Danish 1/4 Norwegian 100% South Dakotian friend,) Emily (of Maryland,) Sarah (who's moving to Chicago,) Marissa (the UT Lawsuit student,) Paul (from Walpole Island) and Meghan (of 7:11 fame) and of course Bruce.)
Kira & PaulMarissa & Sarah

Bruce, Jennie, Emily & Meghan (pictured above)

Then as we waited for our cheese the band started rockin' out. First the cowbells - then the Alpine horn. I am proud to admit that my husband rocks the Alpine horn!! Yes, they invite everyone to try the Alpine horn - Bruce was being shy - but after his perfomance last year, I couldn't let him pass it up (oh yeah - we went there last year.) So he bugrudginly agreed to play if I myself would play. So we got in the line with those from the tourist bus group. And Bruce went last and totally rocked it again - he plays the off to the races song (or at least that is what I call it.) He got applause from the entire restaurant. I love going to these places - maybe this is why I love Frankenmuth.

Last night we ate dinner at Festivus (the Swiss call it the Swiss Day Festival - we embrace the Seinfeld name.) Today, we picked up my mom early from airport! It's our last day in our Geneva - tomorrow we head Venice.

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I believe we should travel to Europe together, because I have never been.