Monday, January 19, 2009

Quick Blog/First Real blog for 2009

It's been a while since I had the chance to update the TiVo Changed my Life blog. I have some blogs - that need a little more time than I have right now - so stayed tuned for titles which include:

2008 - Where did you go now?
Cruising in Paradise
30 going on 13

But right now I will write about grading. I was up late last night grading and tonight I have just finished. I am not certain - why it takes me so freaking long - but it does. And to top it off (because most of my students had a "cold day" on Friday) I didn't even include one assignment that I would have liked to. However, it's 11 pm right now and it took me all evening to grade another assignment - so if I start with this one I won't be done until maybe next week. So since my grades are due at 8 am tomorrow - I will look forward to adding this grade to the fourth marking period.

I was set back a little tonight - by the turmoils of commuting. I got a flat tire on I-69. I would like to personally thank all the 18 wheelers who moved over into the left lane to give me some room - while I put on my spare in the bitter cold. I hope you can hear the sarcasm in that - because by thanking them I am probably thanking 3 out of the 950 that flew by me at 80+ miles an hour. I have had two flat tires in my life and neither of which happened in June. Yes, 60+ and sunny - easy breezy. 14 degrees in twilight (I mean seconds of light left in the day) = flat tire. Well it's late and I swore I was going to go to bed early - ha ha ha. Well there is always tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Did you and your students get to watch the inauguration today?