Thursday, January 29, 2009

So this picture - well I should probably explain. This is Courtny, one of my students, at LTU (Lawrence Technological University.) I am teaching an advanced writing class on Thursday nights - which ironically is one of the reasons I have not had time to blog. Well the other week - I was going to start teaching class when Courtney saw the skeleton in the corner and asked if we could turn him around because well he was creeping her out. Well it turns out turning it around doesn't really help - so I used it to hold my coat. He actually looked kind of cute.

As for teaching a college class - right now I am trying to figure out where assignments go to die on blackboard. Blackboard is the online delivery system to most college courses. I consider myself pretty web savvy - for the love of God - my Masters is in Technology in Education. However, I can't seem to figure this thing out. I emailed one of my former professors for help. When I got her response - I felt much better. Because to be honest - I haven't even been able to finish the email with the directions to where it may possibly be living - because there are so many places. So here's hoping I find them before Thursday.

Anyways, I promise a great blog tomorrow - or at least a more thoughtful one. So loyal readers stick in there - once we get through this semester - I will be back to spreading my witty words to the TiVo Changed my Life Community.

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