Wednesday, September 03, 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Starts Tonight

Yes ladies and gentlemen - I said tonight. I am sure you are all in front of your televisions with your TiVo's set to go. This season of ANTM is sure to be interesting - why do you ask? Well they have added a twist - no it's not the girl that decides to tell her family that she is a lesbian or thinks she may be one on national television or the Ivy Leaguer who thinks she maybe too pretty to be a model, this year it's a transgender model. Yes - one model who was born a boy. This my friends is ANTM gold. My only worry right now is that my satellite is out due to the storm - so I may have to watch the encore on Sunday night.

As for judges this year - Paulina's back. I must say that I miss Twiggy. She was much more likeable. Paulina is not quite an Angie Dickison but she's also not that entertaining. Good news here on the television front - the satellite is back. Yeah.

Also I missed the first show, but this season the CW is also premiering a new version of 90210. I plan to watch the encore tomorrow night!!! The rest of my shows are back at the end of September, this should give me a good opportunity to rebuild my relationship with TiVo and work up my television endurance.

This has been an exhausting week. We are back at school with students - and that requires me to be "on" for two 2.5 hour class periods. Which isn't that bad in general, but it is exhausting the first week. So I plan on watching this episode (hopefully if the satellite cooporates) and then heading to bed.

As of 7:40 pm - the satellite went out again - so who knows what that means for my big evening plans.

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Fred said...

They will show practically a full season on VH-1, so we wait until after the season's over then watch them in two days.

I leave the room, of course.