Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Tigers Win Big!

So tonight I watched the big Mizzou vs. Kansas game. AND THE TIGERS WON!!!! The pets and I (Bruce was a work) hunkered down in the living room for the big game. I must admit that all my yelling and screaming made them a little nervous. Every time I let out a yell, they all quickly ran from the room, only to creep back into the room carefully. It's pretty much the reason that I don't watch too much football, because I just get a little too crazy.

Yes, this college football season (filled with upsets) has put the Big 12 in the national spotlight. And the Missouri Tigers are front in center. Before going into this huge game they were ranked 4th in the BCS poll and KU was ranked 2nd.

Now the Tigers face off with Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship. Oklahoma is the only loss, we have had this season. Some may call me a fair-weather fan, but it's hard to be a fan of a Big 12 school in Big 10 country. As part of my marriage vows, I have shown full support for Michigan State. Tonight - in my joy - Bruce who has declared the Big 12 a sub-standard conference (I beg to differ)- admitted that Mizzou was his favorite Big 12 team. I am glad he is finally showing his support.


Megan said...

Hey I did see your tigers win! I also left you a myspace comment but apparently you have left the space world for facebook. Anyways, let's chat!

taawd said...

My condolences on their loss...