Friday, July 23, 2010

Double Rainbows in Geneva

Bruce and I are back in Geneva, Switzerland working with U of M Flint's Global Program. We were lucky enough to go through the first program. Now the second cohort is graduating and we are back to help with graduation (video/photography and general planning.)

It has been a lot of fun - because we met the new cohort last year - and this year we got to see the result of all of their hard work with their projects. It's interesting how the same program can result in such diversity among projects from the first group to the second and even among groups.

Today we introduced the group to the double rainbow video and song on youtube. If you haven't seen it - I embedded both below. And then tonight in Geneva a down pour came through just around dusk and you would never believe it - a double rainbow. Coincidence, I think not.

Tomorrow, Bruce and I will run 10 miles in Geneva for marathon training. We might also go to the farmers market across the border into France (if it isn't pouring rain.) However, I am not complaining about the rain - when we got here it was in the high 80's - today was a high of low 70's. Much more comfortable - especially when staying in a place without air conditioning.

On Sunday we leave Geneva for a week of travels. Our duties here have been split - so we are able to enjoy some traveling before getting back to work. On Sunday, we fly to Budapest, Hungry. I am very excited, because it is some place completely new for both of us. Many of our travels have been places one of us has been before and we want to share it with the other person. Hungry is totally new.

It's been a great summer of travel. I am still enjoying the memories of Prince Edward Island and my new love for Poutine. Now we are having totally different experiences on the other side of the pond.


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Luis said...

Aprovecho la oportunidad para saludarlo y asu vez, invitarlo a ver mi blog dedicado a mostrar la riqueza cultural del Perú mediante fotos comentadas, modelos tridimensionales en imagenes y videos, artículos y más. La dirección es:

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Long time no see the Rainbow, is beautiful.

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