Thursday, January 14, 2010

Meet Steve

It's been a while since I have hit the blogosphere (or is it blogasphere) regardless it's time to talk about Steve. Steve is the newest addition to our family. She is a border collie pup - we call her Stevie (because there was some objections that the name was too masculine.) She is named after Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

She is very funny and super snugglely. She loves to run across the room and jump into your lap. We are having some success with house training - but I am afraid of being too confident because well the results could be tragic for my carpet.

As for Daisy - our trusted mutt - she is getting used to her new sister. She is beginning to play and doesn't look constantly annoyed. She actually is getting much more attention - for fear like any good pet parent - of not wanting the older sibling to feel left out.


Davis Freeberg said...

So very cool, I just got a pair of Beagle puppies and am loving them to death. The border collie is the smartest of all dogs, so hopefully you plan on taking advantage of that. If you've never done any training, I'd encourage you to look into clicker training. It's fun, easy and your dogs will love it. Good luck with the housebreaking.

Explained Horoscope said...

Cute Doggy.. its look like Goofy... we've also a doggy name is Jango