Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tagging Alone on the Class Field Trip

Chateau de Menthon Saint Bernard
This is allegedly the castle that inspired Walt Disney in Sleeping Beauty. However, to me I agreed with the tour guide who thinks it's more Beauty & the Beast. The family that owns the castle, and has owned it since 1000 AD, still lives in the castle.
Bruce and I, outside the castle.
Meghan, me and my new friend Kira from South Dakota. She maybe my only friend
from South Dakota.
Picture of me in Annecy, France.
Another shot of the Old Town in Annecy, France.
Bruce and Kira rockin' the hats at the French Hat Shop.
My other new friend Emily - as we made a quick stop for ice cream - before we had to be back at the bus.
Meghan & I posing in Annecy.
the end.


Kira said...

If you're going to know anyone from South Dakota you might as well know this South Dakotan. Basically I am South Dakota. Just call me SoDak.

Magical Me said...

Honestly I would travel to South Dakota just to go to DeSmet, because of Laura Ingalls Wilder, because I am probably the dorkiest person on the planet.