Saturday, December 13, 2008

I had to Laugh

This is a funny email that I got from one of my students - that I had to post.

Here's the background. And I will keep it short. I have a tough policy about naming your assignments correctly - if you don't put your name on it - it's a ZERO - yes I am pretty sure it's every teacher's policy. Yes, I am sure you have all heard the same thing - no matter how long you have been out of school, "no name, no credit."

So here's the email from one of my morning students - I see it as a Public Service Announcement for other students.
Subject: Re-submitting of nameless assignments

I have resubmitted all of the nameless illustrator files that have been rendered useless without a name or social security number.

Society has rejected these files because they had nothing to call them. The files were alone. They all lived in an abandoned warehouse together. None of them could directly address another because they had no names. They could not communicate with each other unless they tapped another file on the shoulder. Soon enough, all of these files had bruised shoulders from all of the tapping that was taking place. They would cry that their little nameless shoulders hurt so much. In time, their shoulders fell off. Once again, they could not be spoken to. These files are still alive today, hiding in the darkest of alleyways, and the coldest of caves. They prefer not to be seen because of the humiliation of not having a name.

So please, name your files, and save a life from facing rejection from society. A few clicks of your keyboard could define eternity for a PSD.


Fred said...

Yeah, you're right, I think we pretty much have the same policy. I have my students pass their work up row-by-row. The one in the front double checks them. But, if one slips through, well, it's a zero.

JH said...

My kids turn everything online - because well it's a design course and we do everything on the computer - so there is no double checking. The only reminder they get is me - pretty much everyday repeating myself over and over and over. I am sure my parents felt the same way with me.