Friday, September 26, 2008

TiVo Changed My Life Hits 500

This is year three of the blog and the 500th post. I wish that I had an amazing story to post - however I've been very busy since school started with getting class ready and running.

Two weeks from Sunday, Bruce and I head to Chicago to run the marathon. It's been a long time training - however - I hope that I am ready. I am sure that Bruce will be. I have up and downs in during training. I am just hoping that when the day comes - that it won't be 90 degrees and I will be able to finish under 5 hours. My goal is 4:45 - but I feel like having a goal is taboo - because it just leads to disappointment when you don't make it. And finishing should just be enough. But until then tomorrow - we have a 10 mile run.

Today - Bruce and I headed to Lansing Community College for some professional development. We are into the fourth week at school - it's been a very busy year. Without grad school I thought I would have lots and lots of free time. But I managed to find a way to spend my time.

Ironically tonight - I am finally catching up on some TiVo. I got caught up with ANTM. And now Bruce and I are watching the 2 hour Grey's Anatomy season premiere before we switch over to the presidential debate.

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Fred said...

Happy 500th! (Sounds weird...)