Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wrapping Up Grad School

It's August 6th and I literally have two days left of graduate school before graduation. And to top that off Friday isn't really class it is graduation. Which you can watch live on August 8 (that's 08.08.08) at 12:30 pm EST if you choose. Click here for a link.

Today, I am doing laundry and finishing up the last minute touches on our project. Bruce and I are going to spend a couple days in London after we are done. It should be nice, we are treating ourself to a nicer hotel - it's a graduation present to ourselves.

As I look back at this past 15 months - it's been a whirlwind. Bruce and I started this program expecting it to be challenging and fun, but it fair exceeded our expectations. Most of the course has been online - but as it has probably become really clear if you read this blog - we also spent two summers in Europe. Along with everything we have learned in class, we learn so much more while at our residency in Geneva. We have also had a lot of fun - who knew grad school could be so much like undergrad when it comes to fun.

I've had a chance to go to the United Nations, meet leaders of influential NGO's (non-governmental organizations,) learn new technology, learn how to write grant proposals, travel, join a running club and make new friends (just to name a few.)

Yesterday 18 of us headed down for dinner at my new favorite restaurant in Geneva called Fifty/Fifty. While we waited for the group to arrive, we met a very cute young bartender - who was enamored with Meghan. But despite our pushing and prodding - she wouldn't go on a date with him. (And he did ask - she claims it was because he was only 19 - the general consensus: 19 whatever.) We were celebrating our friend Doug Hart's last night. Doug is heading back home to Michigan, because he just got a new job teaching in Lousiville, Kentucky.

The picture below is from our dinner that was made at our new room (yes we are in a loft room now that has a small kitchen.) It is much nicer than our older room, it's usually where the professors stay when they come. Bruce and I lucked out!! The key is it only has one bed - which means for other roommates it may not work.

This morning, I woke up and was ready to run at 7:11 am. We ran a short route with major hills because were we are in Geneva there is no course without hills. My only complaint is dehydration - it is so easy for me to drink water at home, but here I am just not drinking enough water.

After lunch we will head downtown to buy our class presents for a our professors. Meghan and I are hoping for a fondue dinner tonight - we will have to see if we can talk the rest of these hosiers (the 7:11 club) into it.

However the highlight of the trip was the 7:11 dance routine (performed by the boys of the group.) Now a word of warning this is the worst video ever due to the fact, that I did it on my small camera and I was laughing (hysterically laughing) the entire time. The music that you can't quite hear is Miley Cyrus - I will see you again. Yes, the Miley Cyrus that is Hannah Montana. Now because you can't see it - please know that our professors names are Jeff, Gary and Sharman.


Anonymous said...

Where are the Boys appering next ?
With G Love and the special sauce????


~Lori said...

that was fabulous.
and i mean FAAABulous.
In the Queer Eye kind of way.
Good job, boys. :)

JH said...

Lori - I am just sorry that I didn't have a better camera and a steadier shot because it was funnier than that video shows.

Anonymous said...

"Friday isn't really class it is graduation. Which you can watch live on August 8 (that's 08.08.08) at 12pm EST if you choose."

We can watch it on your blog or somewhere else? Please email specifics! I really wish I was there to cheer you all on! What a ride! :)

CONGRATS! Love, Heather

JH said...

I corrected the time - and there is a link on the blog now.