Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Truth About Me & TiVo

Ok, so this year has been a rough year between me and TiVo. When it comes down to it when didn't have the time for each other. Really it was me - not TiVo. With working and all the grad school classes I had to make choices and despite trying very hard one of those choices meant less time with TiVo.

So now I am back. And to be honest it's been hard for me and TiVo. It's like we had a bad break up and now we are just working on being friends, but we (me) are afraid to jump in and really commit to each other again. What does that mean, well I haven't even turned on the TV with TiVo, instead I have been watching the Olympics from the kitchen or in our bedroom - while folding laundry.

I think there is a bit of nervousness - how much have I missed, what have a missed, how long will it take me to reorganize and catch up on my shows. And to be honest right now I am addicted to the Olympics and not just the Phelps swimming saga - last night Bruce and I watched the finals on the Trampoline - like many of you probably - I was like this is an Olympic sport- who knew and then the most shocking thing (no not that China won gold - because really is that shocking) is that the Canadians rock at the sport. When I think Canadian sports at the Olympics - I think hockey and curling - not the trampoline.

So as I prepared to join the working world again after an unbelievable summer off - I am thinking about how I will patch up my relationship with TiVo - because as the blog states TiVo Changed my Life - I am just hoping that the magic can happen a second time. I am sure it will. If not I will have to change the blog to the iPhone changed my life, because well it has.


Fred said...

I'm a little peeved at my DVR right now. Somehowe, all the recordings were canceled so I had to program it all over again. If I weren't so hooked, I would have tossed it into the pool.

taawd said...

this sounds somewhat like an apology to TiVo but I don't think he's quite feeling the sincereness yet.

maybe a nice night out on the town or just kick mr. b outta the house for a relaxing night at home.

he's sure to come back around.