Friday, April 25, 2008

Long Overdue Pictures from Europe

Old Town in Praha (Prague)

In front of the St. Charles Bridge in Praha
Looking at the Castle in Praha
Oh yeah - that's us...
More Praha
Praha goes Christmas - for the movies.
Bruce wakes up early to catch Praha waking up.
It's Bratislava!
A little less Western Europe a little more Communist Block - Slovakia is renovating, but in the mean time there are a lot of cement buildings that look like this - gray and the same. This is the apartment complex of our friends. The inside is much nicer than the outside.
The view from the penthouse - a.k.a Doug & Family's apartment.
More than 200K living in one square mile - those communist knew how to pack them in.
The crew: Bruce, Karyn, Meghan & I.
Our album cover...We like this one better. We all march to the beat of a different drum.
Our Harts in Slovakia!
Galileo School
The students than we worked with.
Bruce teaches editing.
I help with production.
Vienna, Austria
Lighting candles & slow shutter speed.
Beautiful day in Vienna
There are many more pictures but this is all for the blog.

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Beach Bum said...

Loved the pictures! Wow, they're beautiful!