Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Studio 60 Hits the Mark

Its show number three and I am hooked. Matthew Perry is more than just Friends! I can't wait until next week.

I caught up on my Desperate Housewives too. Bree married the creepy Orson guy. Gabby's baby was born, well at least her surrogate mother gave birth, to an African American baby. Susan's boyfriend Mike is still in a coma, she's meet another British man at the hospital, who's wife is also in a coma, and now there is a lame love story there. Lynette's husband's lover from 12 years ago whom he fathered a child with is now driving Lynette and her entire family crazy. It's ok so far this season. Eddy Brit's nephew has come to town, but I think there is something brewing with him and Susan's daughter. Speaking of kids, where in the world are Bree's. We get a sneak peek to see that her son is coming back next week, but there is no daughter to be found any where.

As for this blog, good news: we are international. This past week, there have been visitors from across the country both east and west coasts, but mostly from the Midwest. Also, there have been visitors from South America, Europe and Australia. I am not sure how they are ending up here, but I encourage all visitors to leave a message. I am sure that my messages about TiVo are probably not a huge part of their lives, I bet they are coming for my thoughtful insight on America's Next Top Model.

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