Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Snow Day Two

With another day of temperatures with wind chills hovering around -20 Fahrenheit. It's been a rough day around the Holladay Household, here's a closer look at our rough schedule.

5:30 am - Call from boss saying school is closed (YAY!)
10:30 am - Actually wake up
11:00 am - Go to the gym
12:30 pm - Trip to the Secretary of State's Office (super fun!)
1:00 pm - Go to the bank
1:15 pm - Return home for a NAP
4:00 pm - Trip to Taco Bell for dinner (Delicious & Nutritious)
5:00 pm - Short Trip to Meijer for groceries - Clementine Oranges (Yum!)
6:00 pm - The Arrested Development Marathon Begins!
10:00 pm - Bedtime (I have to prepare for the rest of my 3 day week!)


taawd said...

Wow, I'm disappointed, I've been hyperactive blogging over the past couple of days and not one, not one comment on the recent posts, I thought i'd get something but nothing! Geesh ;)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am reading!


Your secret reader.